We get lots (and I mean lots!) of inquiries here at Charming Events from those of you wanting to become wedding and event planners asking if we have any openings.  I am pleased to say we have had this opportunity available for a while now, however, not many folks take advantage of it!  The reason why? Probably because of the hard work and lengthy process it takes for you to be considered and oh yeah- we don’t pay! 

We offer internships to those selected, which means you spend at least 80 hours or more working for free to gain knowledge and experience, which is a great payment in itself! Then, you might be considered to help as an Assistant. As the owner of this firm, CE is my passion and I expect nothing less than absolute professionalism and determination from anyone wanting to join my team.

I am a true believer in giving people a chance – that is, allowing someone to prove to me they can do the job. If becoming an event planner is your dream, then I applaud you for seeking out internships so that you gain experience instead of stepping out into the field alone, without having a clue what to do!  Yes, we all have planned our friend’s wedding or our sister’s bridal shower but to have a paying client, vendors and guests all counting on you is a whole other ballgame. 

So, to those that are still interested, please feel free to call me and we can set-up a meeting if you match our initial qualifications.  And best of luck persuing your dreams!