Vendor Relationships

It is absolutely vital to have great relationships with your vendors.  This goes for both Consultant and Bride.  One of the things you do during your first couple years or so of being a Consultant is to develop your “vendor list” which for me happened to be only those vendors I have personally worked with or got as a referral from a colleague.  I just don’t feel comfortable referring a vendor to my client when I haven’t worked them or know someone that has. 

 So this vendor list grows through the years, and yes, it can also become smaller because sometimes you just have to delete a vendor off your list for one reason or another!  These professionals that I refer are wonderful and I have full confidence in their abilities when I sent my clients their way.  As a Bride or Groom, you should have the same confidence in your vendors. 

When you start to look for your photographer, florist, baker, etc., make sure to ask a lot of questions that will give you a glimpse of their style.  So, ask your DJ what they like about performing at weddings, how did they get started in the industry, what types of music do they listen to on their own time?  Answers to these questions can give you a better chance of finding the right vendor for you.  And interview at least a few vendors in each category!  That goes for your Coordinator, as well.  You will be working very closely with your Coordinator and you want to make sure there is a great fit between you both.

Anyway, the whole reason I decided to write about this was because I got the chance to work with my favorite florist – which I wrote about below – who is working on the flowers for the Sweet 16 Event in May. Jen, from the Orange Blossom, is so dedicated to everything she does and she is the ultimate professional.  Any time I get the chance to work with her it makes my job easier.  I love being able to say that about all my vendors.